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Immediate Questions After a Death

Discussing end-of-life care and final wishes beforehand can alleviate stress and ensure that one's choices are respected. It's also beneficial to determine if there's life insurance or other funding available to cover expenses. The most pressing matters after death are often selecting burial or cremation and preparing for unforeseen costs. Here are some tips on disposition options and life insurance coverage for funeral expenses.

Thinking about your final wishes or those of a loved one in advance can help relieve the emotional toll and stress that often occurs in the first few days following a death. While most people don’t like to think about the details of managing the care of their remains after they pass away, having a conversation with your family and friends or documenting your wishes can be a huge blessing to those people who will be responsible for handling those details. The most time-sensitive question after a death is about handling care of the remains. Here is a little information about the different options available. Your local funeral home can also provide you with details on the services they offer and help you make a decision about what is right for you. 

What Is Your Preference for Final Disposition?
Final disposition refers to the treatment of a person’s remains after they die. In-ground burial and traditional cremation are the most common choices, but we’ve provided information about some other alternatives, as well. 

There are various options available for laying a person to rest. In-ground burial is a traditional choice, while above-ground entombment is possible with structures like a mausoleum or a lawn crypt. For a more sustainable option, natural or “green” burials are gaining popularity. Direct burial is an economical and simple option that doesn't involve many of the services included with a traditional burial. We can assist in determining the options available based on individual preferences and budget.

What Is Your Preference for Funeral or Memorial Services? 
Another important question is regarding the type of funeral or memorial service your or your loved one would like. Services are very customizable and can be personalized to a variety of preferences, religious, or cultural customs. The funeral home you choose to work with should be experienced with a wide range of families and be able to help create a special and memorable service to truly honor you or the person who has passed. Here are some questions you may want to consider: 

Would you like a viewing or visitation held? 
This option provides a time and place for people to come say goodbye to you, typically involving an open casket. Viewings generally require the remains to be embalmed and prepared so that the person appears as they did before they passed away. 
What kind of casket, urn, or other container do you prefer? There are countless options available, so take time to choose something meaningful to you or your loved one if this is important for you. 
Think about your other preferences for a funeral or memorial service. Would you like a graveside service? Are there special songs or readings you would like to be included? 
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