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Pet Services

As a compassionate full-service funeral home, we understand the profound loss that comes with saying goodbye to a beloved pet. When a cherished household companion passes away, the sorrow is palpable, and the need for grieving is undeniable. Many families find solace in honoring their pet's life and creating lasting memories of their faithful friend.

Whether you choose burial, cremation, or wish to plan ahead, we are here to honor and cherish the memory of your cherished pet.

Heartfelt Farewell

When it comes to laying a pet to rest, families often face the choice between burial and cremation. The decision to bury a pet may depend on factors such as city regulations and the availability of pet cemeteries nearby. For those who opt for cremation, there are options to consider, such as choosing between a single or communal cremation.

To commemorate a pet's life, there is a variety of memorialization offerings available for both pet burials and cremations. These include pet burial caskets, cremation urns, permanent memorial stones and markers, personalized home mementos, tribute videos celebrating a pet's life, and more. Additionally, we provide grief resource materials and support websites to help families cope with the loss of their beloved pet.

Memorialization Offerings:

Pet burial caskets
Pet cremation urns
Permanent pet memorial stones and markers
Personalized home mementos
And so much more...


At Loess Hills, we recognize the importance of finalizing, celebrating, and memorializing the bond shared with a loyal companion. We are here to support your family every step of the way, offering guidance and assistance whenever needed. For those facing the impending loss of a pet, we encourage you to reach out to us ahead of time, so we can provide compassionate guidance during this challenging time.
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